Global Virtual Cap Intro 2020

Monday, October 5, 2020 - Friday, October 16, 2020


Gaining the Edge - Global Virtual Cap Intro 2020 seeks to be the largest virtual capital introduction event in the alternative investment industry. This event will leverage the success of Gaining the Edge - Hedge Fund Conferences, which sold out all six of its events, and Gaining the Edge - Hedge Fund Educational Webinar Series, which has had over 3,500 hedge fund professionals register, including over 1,500 investors/allocators. ​This event will also donate a large portion of the profits to select charities that benefit at-risk youth. To date, Gaining the Edge LLC* and Agecroft Partners have donated over $2 million dollars to these organizations.

Agecroft Partners, selected 11 years in a row by HFM Week and/or Hedgeweek as the top hedge fund marketing firm in the industry, will be helping to make the event a success. The success of any capital introduction event starts with the quality of investors. High quality investors attract high quality managers, which increases the level of participation from each.  Agecroft is uniquely positioned within the industry to help with this event, because their primary business has developed a strong reputation and enduring relationships with institutional investors around the world. In addition, they have created one of, if not the largest, investor networks in the industry.

Benefits for Investors:

  1. Complimentary registration​

  2. Access to an extensive selection of managers and strategies located globally

  3. Ability to sort and screen managers based on specific criteria

  4. Tailored meeting times for investors will be available in all time zones including Asia, Americas, Middle East and Europe

  5. Two weeks to schedule meetings, giving participants ample time to find a mutually convenient time for a 1-1 video meeting

  6. For every 10 investor meetings, Gaining the Edge will donate $1,000 dollars to charities that benefit at-risk youth. The more meetings investors attend, the more money will be donated to charity. Agecroft Partners will guarantee a minimum donation of $100,000 for this event.  The goal is to raise over $1 million from these virtual cap intro events

  7. A flexible meeting format that will be scheduled over two weeks. Investors will have the ability to schedule meetings to best fit their agenda, eliminating long, tedious days

Benefits for Hedge Funds and Other Alternative Investment Managers:

  1. Potentially the largest and highest quality universe of investors to participate in a cap intro event

  2. Ability to screen investors to send meeting invites based on investor type, what strategies they are interested in, how much they have invested in hedge funds, location, and other criteria

  3. Fund managers will have the option to choose between paying a registration fee or donating directly to a charity of their choice that benefits at-risk youth (see registration info for details)

  4. Registration price includes up to 15 meetings. Additional meetings will carry an additional fee

  5. The flexible meeting style generates more 1 on 1 meeting opportunities

*Gaining the Edge LLC will continue to donate all profits from their Hedge Fund Conferences and Hedge Fund Educational Webinar series to charities that benefit children. Cap Intro event donations will be based on the number of meetings investors attend. Gaining the Edge will guarantee a minimum donation of $100,000 for this event, with a goal of raising over $1,000,000 from cap intro events. The event will also allow participating managers the option to choose between paying a registration fee or donating directly to a charity of their choice that benefits at-risk youth. This is a unique feature of the event, which will benefit charities across the globe