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We believe that every child, regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation deserves to be treated with kindness, given confidence for the future and provided with an equal opportunity to succeed. Gaining the Edge donates a percentage of its event proceeds to non-profit organizations that benefit at-risk youth. To date, Gaining the Edge and Agecroft Partners have proudly donated over $3 million to this cause. Below are the main beneficiaries of Gaining the Edge - Cap Intro events as well as the managers who made direct donations and their charity beneficiaries.

Main Beneficiaries from Gaining the Edge LLC

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ChildSavers is committed to fostering the mental well being of children and establishing a positive bond between adult and child. ChildSavers supports this with clinical treatment, education and training services that offer reassurance, healing, and the skills necessary to create the path towards healthy relationships and empowered lives. 

Hedge Funds Care/Help For Children is an international charity, supported largely by the hedge fund industry, whose sole mission is preventing and treating child abuse.

Peter Paul Development Center is an outreach and community center in Richmond, Virginia. Since 1979 PPDC has given children a safe, consistent, structured and loving environment in which to thrive.

Virginia Home for Boys and Girls serves the community by providing an environment of strength and hope where children and their families are empowered to achieve greater success together.

The following charities have received direct donations from managers participating in previous Gaining the Edge - Cap Intro events

To learn more about how these charities are providing for at-risk youth, please click on the logo.

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