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Gaining the Edge - Global Cap Intro will take place virtually June 17 - June 28, 2024. The virtual event will be dedicated to 1-1 capital introduction meetings between managers, allocators, and a limited number of service providers. It will also include numerous live panels throughout the event, featuring top institutional allocators, including state pension funds, endowments, consultants, OCIOs, and many others. 

The last virtual Gaining the Edge - Global Cap Intro event had over 1,900 registrants, making it potentially the largest virtual event in the history of the alternative investment industry.  

Low overlap of managers and investors with other cap intro events. Gaining the Edge is complementary to other leading independent cap intro events.


State of the art scheduling application. 

  1. Investors to sort and screen an extensive selection of managers and strategies located globally based on multiple criteria.  

  2. Managers can screen investors and send meeting invites based on: investor type, what strategies they are interested in, how much they have invested in alternative investments, location, and other criteria.


Flexibility of meeting time over 2 weeks to avoid meeting burnout and available in all time zones to accommodate investors located globally including Asia, Americas, Middle East and Europe.


Gaining the Edge is a leading Alternative investment industry conference organizer since 2013. In addition to its last four Gaining the Edge - Cap Intro events, it also host the Gaining the Edge – Hedge Fund Educational Webinar Series, which has had over 7,000 industry professionals register for one of its 24 episodes, hosted Gaining the Edge – Hedge Fund Conferences from 2016 to 2020, which sold out 6 conferences in a row with over 2,000 registrations and it affiliate, Agecroft Partners was a joint owner of Hedgeopolis, one of the top hedge fund conferences in the industry from 2013 to 2016. Agecroft Partners, selected 12 years in a row by HFM Week and/or Hedgeweek as the top third party marketing firm in the industry, its time to help market aid in the event’s success.  

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