In each episode, Agecroft Partners will invite prominent hedge fund consultants and decision makers at pension funds, endowments, foundations, institutional consultants, family offices, and fund of funds, along with other industry professionals, to give their independent views on specific aspects of the hedge fund industry. Most of the discussions will focus on having candid, robust conversations and debates about the various ways to enhance the risk adjusted returns of a diversified hedge fund portfolio, including which hedge fund strategies look the most attractive given current capital market valuations and economic forecasts, along with focusing on key issues in performing industry leading, best practice hedge fund due diligence. Others will focus on broad trends

within the industry. The webinar series is complimentary to investors that allocate to hedge funds and their advisors/consultants. Hedge fund employees and industry service providers will be given an opportunity to make a pledge to donate to Help for Children when they register. 


Gaining the Edge webinars are live, interactive, and allow participants to submit questions. It is also 100% educational in nature. Speakers are not permitted to promote any product during the presentation.  The webinar series is hosted by Don Steinbrugge CFA, Founder & CEO of Agecroft Partners and Doug Rothschild, President of Agecroft Partners. Register for upcoming webinars and watch past webinar episodes below. 


Episode 4: How to Improve the Fund Raising Capability of a Hedge Fund

& a Global Perspective on Fund Flows

Available to watch on demand. Guest speakers include: 

Deutsche Bank

Marlin Naidoo, Managing Director & Global Head of Capital Introduction & Hedge Fund Consulting

JP Morgan

Kenny D. King, CFA, Managing Director & Americas Head of Capital Advisory Group