Global Virtual Cap Intro 2021

To benefit at-risk youth 

Monday, April 26 - Friday, May 7, 2021



What is the Gaining the Edge – Global Virtual Cap Intro 2021?

It is an virtual capital introduction event that facilitates both investors/allocators and alternative investment managers to evaluate, sort and screen each other based on different informational criteria and ultimately, allow for either party to request a meeting or send a message. The event is 100% owned by Gaining the Edge LLC., an experienced event organizer, which also hosts Gaining the Edge – Hedge Fund Conferences and Gaining the Edge – Hedge Fund Educational Webinar Series. Agecroft Partners, an affiliate company of Gaining the Edge LLC., will volunteer their time to help market the event and aid in the event’s success.


When does the meeting scheduler open?

The meeting scheduler will open on Monday, April 12.


When will 1-1 meetings take place?

The meetings will begin on Monday, April 26 and run through Friday, May 7.


What is the length of the meetings?

The meetings will last for up to 30 minutes. 


What is the format of the virtual meetings?

Participants will participate in a 1-1 video conference, which will allow up to 3 people per firm to participate.


Troubleshooting with the platform?

Gaining the Edge – Global Virtual Cap Intro 2021 will be utilizing HedgeConnection’s platform. A HedgeConnection representative will answer any questions related to adding or updating information within the scheduling site and/or any questions on navigating the site. Please email or call 941-479-3680 and a HedgeConnection team member will assist you.



Is there any cost for investors/allocators to participate?

No, registration for allocators/investors is complimentary.

Is there a minimum number of meetings required for an allocator to participate?

No, but Gaining the Edge will donate $1,000 to a charity that benefits at-risk youth for every 10 meetings investors participate in. 100% of the donated money comes from revenue received through manager registrations. 


Has Gaining the Edge, Agecroft Partners or Hedge Connection completed due diligence on the managers participating in the event?

No, investors should read all disclosures and understand all risks associated with investing in alternative investments during the investor registration process. Investors should conduct their own due diligence on managers, and if need be, seek advice from their advisors or reputable third party organizations to validate information submitted by managers.



What is the cost for a manager to participate?

There will be tiered pricing based on when a manager registers: Tier One $2,975, Tier Two $3,475, and Tier Three $3,975. Managers also have the choice of making a direct donation of $7,500 in the joint name of both your firm and Gaining the Edge to an approved charity of their choice that benefits at-risk youth (instead of paying the tiered registration fee). 


If I elect to make a direct donation to a charity that supports at-risk youth, what is the process?

Managers must submit to a description of the charity/non-profit they would like to make a direct contribution to. While Gaining the Edge is flexible on which specific charity/non-profit receives the donation, the charity must support/benefit at-risk youth. 


If the charity/non-profit is approved by Gaining the Edge, the managers must make a donation to the charity in both their name and Gaining the Edge, but the tax benefit will stay 100% with the manager. A receipt from the charity for the donation, in both the firm and Gaining the Edge’s name, must be submitted to in order for event registration to be confirmed.

All beneficiaries of direct contributions from managers will be listed in the ‘Charity’ section of our website, along with a link to the charity’s website. Gaining the Edge will also list the name of the manager that made the donation, unless the manager requests the donation be anonymous. 

How many meetings can a manager schedule?

The registration price includes up to 10 meetings. Additional meetings can be purchased in 5 meeting increments for an additional $775. Managers will be notified when their schedule is getting close to reaching the maximum number of meetings. 

We have more than one investment strategy/fund. Can additional funds be added?

The standard registration price is for one strategy and can include both an on and off-shore share class. Additional strategies/funds can be added for an additional $750/fund. If interested in adding additional funds, after registering for the event send an email to and let him know how many more strategies you would like to added and he will facilitate.


Am I able to show a slideshow during my meeting?


What if I register but don’t get any meetings?

It is our objective for all alternative managers that participate in our event to have a large number of confirmed meetings. However, it is ultimately up to the investors to choose which funds they would like to meet with and Gaining the Edge cannot guarantee that a manager will be successful in confirming meetings. 


What happens if an investor does not show up for a scheduled meeting time or they have internet connection issues and are unable to participate in the meeting?

Gaining the Edge will provide the investor contact information to the manager and it will be up to both parties to follow up and schedule a meeting at a convenient time.


All questions relative to the scheduling platform should be directed to HedgeConnection. Please reach out to or 941-479-3680.


All other questions relative to the event itself should be directed to William Clarke at or 804-916-0862.