Gaining the Edge - Alternative Investment Cap Intro Florida 2022 to benefit at-risk youth will take place in person on January 19 - 21 in West Palm Beach, Florida and will continue virtually until Friday, February 11.

Join what is expected to be one of the largest gatherings of alternative investment professionals, including managers (hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds and long only funds), high quality investors (endowments, foundations, pensions, institutional consulting firms, insurance companies, OCIOs, fund of funds, family offices, and private banks among others) and service providers.

The event will kick-off on Wednesday, January 19, with panel discussions led by institutional investors focused on what alternative investment strategies look the most attractive over the next 24 months. Days 2 and 3 will be dedicated to 1-1 capital introduction meetings between managers, allocators and service providers with optional social activities on Saturday, January 22 (more details coming soon). The in-person agenda will be followed by an additional two weeks of virtual  1-1 meetings. 


  1. Quality of event. We expect it to be the largest and highest quality in-person and virtual cap intro event in the alternative investment industry. The recent Gaining the Edge 2021 virtual cap intro event was the largest virtual cap intro event in the history of the alternative investment industry with over 1,900 registrations. More importantly, investors viewed the quality of participating managers as very high, based on the significant level of due diligence they performed on managers on the platform. Gaining the Edge believes the average manager had substantially more meetings and investor views than other non-prime broker cap intro events this year.

  2. Low overlap of managers and investors with other cap intro events. The historical overlap of registrations has only been approximately 25%. We view our event as complementary to other leading independent cap intro events.

  3. Flexibility in how to participate. Ability to participate in-person and virtually or virtually only. Virtual only registrations can upgrade to include            in-person any time before the event. We will automatically switch to a virtual only event and refund the difference in price for managers and sponsors (complimentary for investors), if there is a CDC Level 3 warning due to a new outbreak of COVID-19.

  4. Philanthropy - a large percent of profits to be donated to charities that benefit at-risk youth. To date, Gaining the Edge, LLC. and Agecroft Partners have donated over $2.7 million dollars to these organizations. We will also be giving discounts to emerging, woman and minority owned fund managers while also making it easy for investors to identify these managers in the scheduling portal.

  5. Alternative investment industry leading conference organizer since 2013. The organizers co-owned a conference called Hedgeopolis New York that sold out in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2016 they launched Gaining the Edge Hedge Fund Leadership Conferences which have sold out all 6 events with over 2,000 unique alternative investment industry professionals. Most of the attendees of these conferences were large institutional investors. Over the past 18 months, they have hosted 20 webinars, which had over 5,000 unique alternative investment industry participants and 2 highly successful virtual cap intro events since October 2020 (hosting over 1,900 registrants at the most recent event).


  1. Complimentary registration.​

  2. State of the art scheduling application. Ability to sort and screen an extensive selection of managers and strategies located globally based on multiple criteria.  

  3. Privacy within the system. We only show firm name and do not give contact details until a meeting is confirmed.

  4. Tailored meeting times. Meetings will be available in all time zones including Asia, Americas, Middle East and Europe.

  5. Three weeks to schedule meetings. Participants will be given ample time to find a mutually convenient time for a 1-1 in-person or video meeting.


  1. Potentially the largest and highest quality universe of investors to participate in a cap intro event.

  2. More meetings with investors. Gaining the Edge believes the average manager had substantially more meetings and views by investors at our 2021 virtual cap intro event than other non-prime broker cap intro events this year.

  3. High return on marketing expense. Pricing for managers is significantly below competing events in order to place an emphasis on quality and position us as the top cap intro event in the industry.  

  4. State of the art scheduling application. Ability to screen investors and send meeting invites based on: investor type, what strategies they are interested in, how much they have invested in alternative investments, location, and other criteria.

  5. Scheduler is open 24/7. This generates more 1-1 meeting opportunities with investors located globally through either in-person meetings our video platform.

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS: please contact williamclarke@agecroftpartners.com

Agecroft Partners, selected 12 years in a row by HFM Week and/or Hedgeweek as the top hedge fund marketing firm in the industry, will be helping to make the event a success. The success of any capital introduction event starts with the quality of investors. High quality investors attract high quality managers, which increases the level of participation from each. Agecroft is uniquely positioned within the industry to help with this event, because their primary business has allowed the firm to develop a strong reputation and enduring relationships with institutional investors around the world. In addition, they have created one of, if not the largest, investor networks in the industry.​