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Industry Conference Speaking Engagements

11/18 Gaining the Edge – 2017 Hedge Fund Investor Leadership Summit – Conference Chairman

06/18 GAIM – Co Conference Chairman

12/17  Gaining the Edge – 2017 Hedge Fund Investor Leadership Summit – Conference Chairman

12/16  Gaining the Edge – 2016 Hedge Fund Investor Leadership Summit – Conference Chairman

10/16  Hedgeopolis – Conference Co-Chairman

09/16 DC Alternative Investment Consortium - Panelist

07/16 Marketing and Sales for Institutional Asset Managers – Client Servicing for Investors in Alternatives

06/16 HFM US Breakfast Briefing: Alternative hot spots - A guide to asset raising in Europe

06/16 KPMG Hedge Fund Conference – What current trends tell us about the hedge fund indsutry

05/16 CFA Institute Annual Conference – Next Gen Hedge Funds: What Current Trends Tell Us about the Future of the Hedge Fund Industry

04/16 Gaining the Edge – Hedge Fund Marketing Leadership Summit – Conference Chairman

03/16 Hedge Fund Emerging & Startup Manager Forum – Gaining Institutional Investment: What do Fund Investors look for when Selecting Emerging Managers?

11/15 HFM Fund of Hedge Funds Leaders Summit – What do investors really want?

11/15 Hedgeopolis – Conference Chairman

09/15 Hedge Fund Due Diligence Mater Class – Opening Institutional Investor Panel

06/15 Hedge Fund Marketing Forum – Key Note speaker

06/15 Gaim – Co Conference Chairman

06/15 Super bowl of Hedge Fund Marketing – Conference Chairman

05/15 HFMweek US Cap Intro event

04/15 AIMSE – Alternative Investments

03/15 Hedge Fund Start Up Conference – Partnering with a seeder: A Compelling Alternative

02/15 AlphaScope – How are Investors evaluating Quantitative Strategies

11/14 Hedgeopolis – Conference Chairman

10/14 Hedgeworld West – How to Win a Mandate

10/14 Backstop Users Conference – Hedge Fund Investment Opportunities

09/14 UMB Fund Services client conference – Raise Alternative Assets

07/14 Opal’s Public Fund Summit East – Investing in Hedge Funds

07/14 Marcum – Hedge Fund Capital Raising Symposium

06/14 Pillsbury Winthrop – Capital Raising Considerations for Emerging and Established Investment Funds

06/14 GAIM International – Hedge Fund Manager Selection and Asset Allocation

05/14 Alternative Investment Conference – Hedge Fund Investment Opportunities

05/14 CIBC CapIntro Conference – How to Raise Assets Internationally?

04/14 Hedge Fund Association – Raising Hedge Fund Capital in the 21st Century

04/14 Liquid Alternative Strategies West Forum – Sales and Marketing Game Plan?

03/14 Hedgeworld East 2014 – Hedge Fund of Funds

01/14 Marketing and Fund Raising Strategies for Private Investment Funds – The Life Blood of Fund Raising: Investor relations

12/13 HFMweek’s Hedge Fund of Fund offsite – Marketing under the JOBS Act

12/13 Opal’s Alternative Investment Summit – The JOBS Act: How will this affect the Alternatives Industry

11/13 Hedge Funds World Zürich 2013 – What do Hedge Funds do best and why? Where can Hedge Funds add value?

11/13 GAIM Ops International – The Gatekeepers – Seeders, Accelerators and First-Loss Managers

11/13 Hedgeopolis New York – Conference Chairman

09/13 AIMSE Fall Conference – The Changing Landscape & Opportunity for Fixed Income…..What’s Next?

09/13 FRA’s Global Alpha Forum – Managing Investors HF expectations

09/13 Finforum’s Annual HEDGE FUND Summit - Investment Consultants

06/13 GAIM International – How Can We Distinguish Smart Beta From Alpha In Increasingly Correlated Markets?

05/13 Alternative Investment Conference – Investment Manager Rountable

03/13 Opal's Investment Consultant Forum 2013 – Hedge fund Opportunities

12/12 HFM’s F of F Summit – Investor Perspectives

11/12 Marketsmedia’s Global Market Summit – Institutional Investors

11/12 Opal’s Endowment and Foundation Summit – Conference Co-Chairman

10/12 Terrapinn’s Hedge London 2012 – How Can You Build a Portfolio That Optimizes Emerging Market Exposures?

10/12 Alpha Institutes’ 2002 CIO Summit – Portfolio Construction

09/12 Finforum’s Annual HEDGE FUND Summit - Investment Consultants

09/12 IMI’s Sales Leadership Conference – Sales Strategy

09/12 HFMweek – The Future of Institutional Money in Hedge Funds

08/12 Ivy Plus’s Fund Development Event – What Institutional Investors are Looking For

07/12 HFA – Evolution of the Hedge Fund Industry in a Newly Regulated World

07/12 Opal's Public Funds Summit – Hedge Funds

06/12 GAIM International – How Can We Distinguish Smart Beta From Alpha In Increasingly Correlated Markets?

05/12 Iglobal’s Alternative Investment Summit – HEDGE FUNDS: Real-Time Update and Future Forecast

05/11 Wealth Management Executive Conference Series - Hedge Fund Strategies

03/12 Opal's Investment Consultant Forum 2011 – Asset Allocation and Diversification in a Volatile Market

01/12 Infovest21 – Institutional Policy Debate on Commodity Investing, CTAs and Real Assets

12/11 Opal's Alternative Investment Summit – Conference Co-Chairman

11/11 Terrapinn's China Investment Summit – Conference Co-Chairman

10/11 IQPC's Pension Fund Risk Management Summit – Strategic Asset Allocation

10/11 HFMweek – Emerging Managers

10/11 Terrapinn's Hedge Funds World LatAM Conference – Keynote Investor Panel Debate

09/11 Opal's Foundation and Endowment Forum – Conference Co-Chairman

09/11 FINforums Annual Hedge Fund Summit – Growing Your fund: The Do's and Don’ts of Capital-Raising

09/11 Financial Research Associates’ Marketing and Client Service for Hedge Funds – Best Strategies to Grow Your Client Base

07/11 Opal's Public Fund Forum – Hedge Funds

05/11 Iglobal's 2nd Alternative Investment Summit – Selecting the Best Hedge Fund Strategies for Your Portfolio and Objectives

05/11 Opal's Emerging Managers Summit – Investing in Alternatives

05/11 Terrapinn's Asset Allocation Summit – Investor Allocation to & confidence in Hedge Funds

04/11 Catalyst's Alternative Investment Forum – Perspective on Capital raising in 2011

03/11 HFMweek's US Breakfast Briefing – Pension Funds Investing in Hedge Funds

03/11 Invest21 – Underfunding of Pensions and What it Means for Hedge Funds/Funds of Funds

03/11 Opal's Consultant Forum – Allocating to Hedge Funds: Achieving Strategic Goals Through Hedge Fund Allocations

01/11 Ivy Plus' Trends in Family Offices – Non-Correlated Alternatives

11/10 Terrapinn's Hedge 2010 - Conference Co-Chairman

11/10 Opal's Endowment and Foundation Forum – Hedge Funds

10/10 Finalternatives on the topic - "Power, Politics and Hedge Funds"

10/10 Merlin Securities, First Annual Merlin Manager Symposium – Manager Due Diligence and Allocating for Today's Volatile Markets

10/10 IQPC's De-Risking Summit – Lessons Learned: Strategic Asset Allocation Then and Now

10/10 iglobal's Alternative Investments Summit – Allocating to Hedge Funds: Achieving Strategic Goals Through Hedge Fund Allocations

09/10 FBR Cap Intro – Hedge Fund Seeding

09/10 Hedge World – Talents from the Sales Channels

07/10 Opal's Public Fund Summit – What is the Role of Risk Management?

05/10 Emerging Managers Summit – Emerging Managers

05/10 Terrapinn's Asset Allocation Summit – Asset Allocation Strategies for a New Era

04/10 Catalyst's Alternative Investing Forum Spring 2010 – Capital Raising Challenges for Mid-Sized Funds

03/10 Opal's Investment Consultant Forum – Asset Allocation: What asset classes will yield the highest returns in 2010?

03/10 IQPC's Foundation & Endowment Summit – Case Studies: Endowments Discuss Hedge Funds

02/10 AIMSE/P&I Hedge Fund Conference – The Case for Alternative: Opportunities and Challenges for Asset Allocation

01/10 Infovest21 – Family Offices vs Institutional Investors – Complimentary or Competitive

01/10 Jefferies Cap Intro Event – The Benefits of Engaging a Third Party Marketing Firm

12/09 Opal's Alternative Investment Summit – Consultants View on the Industry

12/09 HFMweek – Outlook for Asset Raising in 2010

12/09 Argyle's 2009 Marketing Leadership Forum – Marketing Landscape for 2010

11/09 Finance IQ's Pension Plan De-Risking Summi – Public Pension Plans Perspective on De-Risking and Diversification

10/09 GAIM 2009Conference Chairman

10/09 Catalyst's Asset Allocation in Alternatives 2009 – Conference Concluding Remarks: The Forecast of Asset Allocations to Alternative Investment Managers

09/09 iGlobal Forum's Annual Institutional Investor Summit – State of Institutional Investing: Endowments and Foundations

06/09 Emerging Managers Summit – Fund of Funds: What Impact Have They Had On Emerging Hedge Funds and Can They Sustain Current Performance

04/09 Catalyst's Alternative Investment Forum – What Lies Ahead for Alternative Investment Strategies and Managers

12/08 Opal's Alternative Investment Summit – Alternative Investment's Consultants Views on the Industry

11/08 FINalternatives's Asset Allocation Forum – Successful Asset Allocation Management

11/08 Terrapinn's Investing in 130/30 funds USA – Raising Capital For and Marketing 130/30 Funds

10/08 Opal's Endowment & Foundation Forum – Hedge Funds Why Now More Than Ever

07/08 FRA's Marketing & Client Servicing for Hedge Funds Conference – In-House Marketing Versus Outsourcing to a 3rd Party Marketing Agency: Pros/Cons

07/08 IIBIG's Alternative Investment All-Star Forum – Decision-Making Criteria for Alternative Investments: The Institutional Investor's View

06/08 Emerging Manager Summit – Private Equity Investment Styles and Strategies

04/08 Opal's Alternative Investing Summit East – The Future of Alternative Investments—Why Should Institutional Investors be Looking at This Space More Then Ever

04/08 Infovest21's Think Tank Spring Symposium – Institutional Due Diligence on Hedge Funds and Funds of Funds

02/08 AIMSE/P&I Hedge Fund Conference – The State of the Hedge Fund Industry

01/08 SRI's Alternative Investment Round up – When to Pay for Real Alpha: Institutional Investors Are Wising Up

11/07 Hedge Funds World Bahamas 2007 – A Road Map for Introducing Hedge Funds to Your Portfolio

10/07 5th Annual Alternative Investment Summit – Portfolio Construction and Asset Allocation

09/07 Blue Ribbon Hedge Fund Symposium – Managing Risk in Portfolio Construction

06/07 World Research Group Retirement Investment Summit 2007 – Seeking Alpha in Public and Private Pensions

05/07 Strategic Research Institute Fund of Hedge Fund Summit – Managing Risk While Capturing Alpha

04/07 Opal Alternative East Conference – Portfolio Construction & Managing Portfolio Risk



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